KrosFlo Pilot Plus System for volumes of 10 L to 5,000 L


KrosFlo Pilot Plus System 量產級濃縮透析系統,符合cGMP與FDA規範之切向流濃縮裝置,處理體積10 L-5000 L


KrosFlo® Pilot Plus TFF System

The NEW KrosFlo Pilot Plus is manufactured under cGMP standards for the tangential flow filtration of validated pilot production processes.


SpectrumLabs切向流分離濃縮系統 (Tangential Flow Filtration System)可直接從小體積放大至量產等級。新的KrosFlo Pilot Plus System操作體積為10 L到5000 L,並能符合FDA的生產流程,在cGMP標準規範下進行,擁有UL(美國), CE(歐盟) 和 CSA(加拿大) 認證的cGMP文件,是生物醫藥量產的理想選擇。


-  擁有數位壓力指示計

-  擁有磁力的流速指示計

-  圓錐凹槽設計FDA等級樣品桶(PP, 50, 250 & 500 liter )

-  防爆系統設計 (Explosion proof system design)

-  擁有GMP或非GMP兩種系統設計選擇


-  Reversible Waukesha rotary lobe pump (400 RPM)

-  316L stainless steel flow-path with <20 RA finish on wetted surfaces

-  Manual speed control and emergency shut-off.

-  Autoclavable inlet, outlet and permeate pressure gauges

-  Inlet pressure alarm with auto system shut-down function

-  Retentate and permeate back-pressure diaphragm valves

-  Isolation valve for feed stream

-  SS spool pieces for system flushing and cleaning

-  Two 4 ft. flexible hoses for connecting to processing reservoir (not included)

-  GMP documentation package





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