KrosFlo® MBT Sets



Single-use Module-Bag-Tubing (MBT) Sets for Sterile Fluid Containment Customized for Specific Applications In-process Handling & Separations.


Spectrum offers four types of disposable KrosFlo EZ-Bags (Pillow Bags, Cylindrical Tank Bags, Container Tank Bags and Cubic Tank Bags) and two types of KrosFlo EZ-Bag liners (Cylindrical Tank Liner and Cubic Tank Liner) that can be customized with Flexible Tubing and Tubing Connections to fit your specific application. Additional convenience can be built into the bags by incorporating disposable In-line Filters and other components. Multiple EZ-Bags can be combined into a single Multi-bag Manifold to eliminate fluid handling steps for ultimate time & cost savings and insure complete sterile process containment. Lastly, all bag configurations are available nonirradiated or irradiated. And you determine the Packaging quantity.

KrosFlo MBT Sets designed for Process Filtration Systems

Spectrum has expanded the concept of disposability by incorporating irradiated KrosFlo hollow fiber filter modules into sterile KrosFlo EZ-Bag Manifolds to provide a totally disposable process filtration flow-path. Quickly and easily installed on a KrosFlo System for R&D or Process Development, the new single-use flow-path provides a revolutionary approach: pre-packaged, disposable and complete! Customized to your specific application, the Module Flow-paths are available in two different bag configurations and your choice of KrosFlo brand hollow fiber modules.



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